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Rely on the SAFE Trust Framework

The integrity of digital credentials varies widely from one provider to the next. Figuring out who to trust, why to trust them and how their security aligns with your needs can be a challenge. This makes trust hard.

The SAFE Identity Trust Framework, carefully cultivated over 15 years, can make trust much easier. The Trust Framework defines the policies and standards necessary to use secure and interoperable digital credentials that meet your needs. Issuers certified by SAFE are compliant with these policies and standards, ensuring this same security and interoperability across the ecosystem – and making trust a lot simpler for you.

If you are still not sure why you should join the SAFE Identity ecosystem, check out our benefits!

Benefit from SAFE

Add SAFE Certified Credentials to Your Procurement Model

Knowing who to trust is one of the challenges that makes exchanging information in the healthcare industry so difficult. By relying on the SAFE Trust Framework, you can allow us do the legwork for you. We have the expertise and resources to certify identity providers under a common set of policies and to a high degree of assurance.

Rely on digital credentials without the excessive groundwork of researching individual identity providers for security and interoperability – trust SAFE.

The easiest way to get started with SAFE is to make it a requirement for your suppliers and subcontractors. This can be done without any cost to your organization. Below are some examples of suppliers for which you can add SAFE identity requirements to your Procurement Model .

  • Subcontractors
  • Virtual Clinical Trial Providers
  • Medical Device Manufacturers
  • Business partners
  • Or anyone from another organization who will access your data

For help on adding SAFE to your procurement language, please contact us.

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Issue Your Own SAFE Certified Credentials

Strongly identifying your employees digitally is essential to running a secure and efficient healthcare organization. You can use SAFE Certified Credentials inside your own organization, which can be done by purchasing credentials from an authorized supplier or by issuing your own SAFE Certified Credentials.

For sophisticated or multinational organizations, buying commercial certificates for employees may not be cost-effective, especially when HR is already performing the necessary legwork to identity proof new employees during standard onboarding. Issuing your own SAFE Certified Credentials can be a more economical choice. By certifying your organization’s PKI under SAFE, your employees’ identities will be trusted throughout a wider ecosystem, allowing secure collaboration within your organization, and perhaps just as importantly, outside of your organization all with a single set of credentials.

Furthermore, in support of a Zero Trust Architecture, you can rely on your own PKI as a Trust Anchor when verifying identities outside of your organization, thanks to SAFE’s Bridged PKI standards-driven technology.

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Join the Policy Management Authority

The PMA is a member-driven committee chaired by SAFE Identity that governs the SAFE Identity Trust Framework. In joining the PMA, you can be part of a select group of healthcare industry stakeholders that vote on policies at SAFE Identity.

This is a decision-making role that ultimately defines the rules and auditing requirements for certificate authorities within the SAFE Identity ecosystem. By becoming a PMA member, your organization can take a leadership role in helping to define the evolution of the SAFE Identity ecosystem and its associated services in a way that is tailored to your organization’s needs.

Becoming a member of the PMA also gives you access to joining the SAFE Identity Working Groups, within which you can determine the policies that govern the ecosystem and suggest new testing requirements for products listed on the QPL, all while collaborating with peers to share ideas on how to best rely on the SAFE Identity Trust Framework. Ultimately, you can change how identity is governed here at SAFE in a way that works for you.

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Rely On The SAFE Identity Qualified Products

The SAFE QPL is a public collection of applications and products that have undergone lab testing to confirm that they process identity credentials correctly. With the SAFE Identity QPL, you can easily discover applications and products that can meet the security and compatibility needs of your healthcare organization. This relieves you from the burden of having to understand and implement cryptographic testing for security and interoperability.

Listing on the SAFE Identity QPL confirms that an application uses digital identities in the way holders, issuers and relying parties expect and are compatible and interoperable with SAFE certified credentials.

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