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If you are a provider of identity-related products and applications, getting your products listed on the SAFE QPL gives you direct access to healthcare organizations searching for these solutions. As the only list of its kind, the SAFE QPL is a staple tool for healthcare and offers high visibility to those listed. It is also a great product marketing asset.

Vendors with listed products can share that their product or application properly implements cryptography, correctly processes identity, and meets requirements for usability – all validated through a third party. Testing and certification also ensures that an identity product is interoperable with the entire SAFE ecosystem, opening a pathway to a full network of identity providers and healthcare organizations who rely on the QPL.

Download our brochure to learn more about listing your products on the QPL:

Benefits of the QPL


Below is a list of certifications SAFE offers to product vendors and service providers. Products are organized into product categories. Please navigate to the category that is applicable to your product to learn more about how to get on the SAFE Qualified Products List.

Rely on the SAFE Trust Framework

The integrity of digital credentials varies widely from one provider to the next. Figuring out who to trust, why to trust them and how their security aligns with your needs can be a challenge. This makes trust hard.

The SAFE Identity Trust Framework, carefully cultivated over 15 years, can make trust much easier. The Trust Framework defines the policies and standards necessary to use secure and interoperable digital credentials that meet your needs. Issuers certified by SAFE are compliant with these policies and standards, ensuring this same security and interoperability across the ecosystem – and making trust a lot simpler for you.

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