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Non-PKI Identity Credentials: Kantara Initiative, Inc. Partnership

Historically, non-PKI credentials, which don’t rely on a Public Key Infrastructure for authentication, were a major part of the SAFE BioPharma Trust Framework. Non-PKI credentials include passwords, OTPs, biometrics and other mechanisms that do not bind identities with public keys through a certificate authority (CA). They are a valuable piece of security and identification in healthcare and healthcare supply chains, and SAFE Identity will continue to provide assurance for non-PKI credential issuance across the industry.

To achieve this goal going forward, SAFE and Kantara Initiative, Inc. have partnered to endorse the other’s certified credential providers within their respective Trust Frameworks. SAFE will focus on certification of PKI credential providers and Kantara on certification of non-PKI credential providers. Kantara’s certification process provides assurance for NIST SP 800-63-3 and approves providers under assurance levels IAL2 and AAL2.

This partnership confirms that Kantara’s evaluation and certification methods for credential providers meet the demands of the SAFE community, thus enabling those relying on the SAFE Trust Framework to also rely on the Kantara Trust Framework.

With this partnership relying parties using either Trust Framework have more options to match the type of digital credential they require with their use cases and tolerance for risk.

Selecting the Right Credential Type for Your Use Cases

PKI and non-PKI identity credentials both offer several valuable and distinct benefits for credential holders.

certified credential providers

Rely on the SAFE Trust Framework

The integrity of digital credentials varies widely from one provider to the next. Figuring out who to trust, why to trust them and how their security aligns with your needs can be a challenge. This makes trust hard.

The SAFE Identity Trust Framework, carefully cultivated over 15 years, can make trust much easier. The Trust Framework defines the policies and standards necessary to use secure and interoperable digital credentials that meet your needs. Issuers certified by SAFE are compliant with these policies and standards, ensuring this same security and interoperability across the ecosystem – and making trust a lot simpler for you.

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