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Whether you’re providing services to healthcare organizations or partnering with them, a SAFE Certified Credential can make exchanging information secure and simple. Maintaining regulatory compliance and meeting the requirements of new partners can be stressful and complex. Healthcare organizations require the SAFE Trust Framework for standardizing trust when communicating between organizations.

This allows you to purchase one credential and reuse it with many of your customers or partners. SAFE Identity federated trust can eliminate the costly and complex process of engaging with multiple identity credential issuers or acquiring project-specific credentials for every new customer, supplier, or partner.

Identity Credentials whose issuers are members of the SAFE Identity Federated Trust Community

  • Cryptographically bind the user’s physical identity to a digital identity that computers can understand
  • Are recognized by the FDA and EMA
  • Are 21 CFR Part 11 and 21 CFR Part 1311 compliant

SAFE Certified Credentials may be used to

Sign agreements, consent forms, and web forms

Authenticate to workstations, SharePoint, Exchange, and company portals

Federate trusted issuers certified within a Trust Framework for risk mitigation and interoperability

Encrypt sensitive emails, documents and Intellectual Property

Identity credentials used in accordance with the SAFE Identity Federated Trust requirements may be purchased from any of the following SAFE Certified Credential Providers


Identity credentials issued in accordance with the SAFE Identity Federated Trust requirements may be purchased from any of the following SAFE-certified credential providers.

IdenTrust Assurance Levels basicAssurance-SHA256 mediumSoftwareAssurance- SHA256 mediumHardwareAssurance- SHA256 group-mediumSoftwareAssurance-SHA256 machine-mediumSoftwareAssurance-SHA256 machine-mediumHardwareAssurance-SHA256
Exostar Assurance Levels mediumSoftwareAssurance- SHA256 mediumHardwareAssurance- SHA256
Trans Sped Assurance Levels mediumHardwareAssurance- SHA256

Rely on the SAFE Trust Framework

The integrity of digital credentials varies widely from one provider to the next. Figuring out who to trust, why to trust them and how their security aligns with your needs can be a challenge. This makes trust hard.

The SAFE Identity Trust Framework, carefully cultivated over 15 years, can make trust much easier. The Trust Framework defines the policies and standards necessary to use secure and interoperable digital credentials that meet your needs. Issuers certified by SAFE are compliant with these policies and standards, ensuring this same security and interoperability across the ecosystem – and making trust a lot simpler for you.

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