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SAFE Identity is an industry consortium and certification body supporting the advancement of digital identity and cryptography in healthcare by enabling trust of digital credentials.


Sensitive healthcare data requires high levels of security and assurance - but the integrity and confidence of digital credentials vary widely across the health industry.

SAFE Identity ensures that digital identities issued by a provider can be trusted throughout the entire SAFE Identity community. With an ecosystem of certified, tested and interoperable application solutions for digital signatures, authentication, encryption and identity verification, SAFE Identity facilitates trust and security between different credential issuers and relying parties.



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Who We Work For


Trust is essential for pharma to work with supply chain and third-party vendors, lead virtual clinical trials and comply with FDA – 21 CFR part 11. Leading pharmaceutical companies and the FDA rely on our interoperable and compliant policies to identify and share encrypted information with intended parties.


We ease the burden of satisfying 21 CFR part 1311 by accrediting identity providers who satisfy DEA and federal regulatory requirements for EPCS. We also and support use cases in hospital and laboratory supply chains including health IoT, secure data exchange and physical access to protect patient data.


Reducing risk and eliminating fraudulent claims with secure patient identities is a critical concern for payers. We simplify the complexity that goes into confirming digital signatures and digital identities for document continuity, data access and telehealth with tested protocols and certified providers.


We define the policies and specifications it takes to properly develop, test and certify that new technologies are secure and interoperable. Healthcare organizations can purchase from SAFE QPL-listed technology providers with assurance that these products have been tested and meet their needs.

Rely on the SAFE Trust Framework

The integrity of digital credentials varies widely from one provider to the next. Figuring out who to trust, why to trust them and how their security aligns with your needs can be a challenge. This makes trust hard.

The SAFE Identity Trust Framework, carefully cultivated over 15 years, can make trust much easier. The Trust Framework defines the policies and standards necessary to use secure and interoperable digital credentials that meet your needs. Issuers certified by SAFE are compliant with these policies and standards, ensuring this same security and interoperability across the ecosystem – and making trust a lot simpler for you.

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What We Provide

The Trust Framework

Using our in-house lab, we test products available around the world for adherence to industry standards that define proper handling and interoperability of digital identity software products. Our testing allows enterprises to support multiple identity providers and enables digital identities to function across various applications.

The SAFE Identity QPL

Our Trust Framework facilitates trust by providing a combination of policies and services for digital signatures, authentication, federation and encryption that are implemented by our certified product and service providers. The Trust Framework defines the standards and test use cases that form the backbone of the SAFE Identity ecosystem.

SAFE Global Encryption Directory

SGED is a central repository of all SAFE Certified Certificates that seamlessly integrates with Outlook. Senders can choose the most current and valid recipient certificate when sending encrypted emails, inside and outside their enterprise. SGED automatically updates when new certificates are issued by a SAFE Bridge CA Member.


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SAFE-Biopharma Re-imagined

With the creation of SAFE Identity, we’re making our mark on digital identity and trust in healthcare. The SAFE-Biopharma defined policies and rules have evolved into the SAFE Identity Trust Framework. An important new step is that these policies are now industry-consensus driven, directed by the Policy Management Authority members with facilitation by SAFE Identity. We’ve opened the SAFE ecosystem to everyone featuring certified, tested and interoperable application solutions for digital signatures, authentication, encryption and identity verification, as well as services to facilitate trust and security between different credential issuers and relying parties.

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